Our vision and mission

Our Vision

“To be a leading independent martial arts organization committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment; that recognizes and caters for individual students’ abilities and worth; all of which are encouraged to reach their full potential.”

Our mission

Overview of the Mission Statement:

The Golden Knights Martial Arts mission statement provides a central declaration of the organization’s martial arts curriculum and of it’s culture in which that curriculum occurs.

Its purpose is to emphasize what is elementary and central in how the organization fulfils its obligation to the organization’s membership. In doing so, it endeavours to provide a consistent statement of how the Golden Knights sees itself and how it intends others to see it.

The organization’s mission statement is a working document. It is intended to be a dynamic expression of where the organization is up to and where it is heading. It is intended that, through processes of discussion and evaluation, it will be regularly updated to mirror the changing circumstances, in particular the changing needs of its members.

At the same time it is hoped that the changes will occur most in the area of its developmental priorities and equivalent actions rather than any amendment to the core ideals and commitment of the organization.

The mission statement possesses the following key components:

  • Contextual Influences: These describe the key influences that have shaped the culture of the Golden Knights .
  • Commitment and Core Ideals: These provide the underlying qualities that underpin and characterise all activities within the Golden Knights.
  • Core Business: These declarations illustrate the fundamental components of the Golden Knights that determine its accomplishments of quality outcomes for its members.
  • Monitoring and Review: This section identifies a number of the structures and strategies the organization will use to collect information that will identify how well the organization is achieving its core business and developmental priorities.

Contextual Influences

The Golden Knights is one of the largest martial arts organizations in South Australia. It caters for a broad range of students from very young children to mature adults who come from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. It draws the majority of its students from the local districts in which its clubs are established.

The roots of the system and philosophy of the the Golden Knights, for the most part, are found with the systems of traditional karate, which are dominated, by a conventional martial arts vision and practice.

In recent years, the Golden Knights has worked hard to become more all encompassing of the full range of its members and to highlight the methods of how things are realized as well as the outcomes.

The present challenge for the organization is to uphold the more desirable aspects of its traditional past, particularly its inherent assumption that it is expected that members achieve their best while, at the same time, continuing to develop its options and pathways for members so that all experience real success.

Commitment and Core Values

The Golden Knights statement of commitment and core values provide the central reference point for the organization’s activities and developmental priorities.


  • To establish a culture and philosophy based upon respect and care for all which fulfils the principles of equity and social justice
  • Provide a curriculum that encourages the pursuit of excellence and the enrichment of our members experience with the noblest of martial arts values, customs and traditions
  • To uphold standards of excellence in all areas of martial arts endeavour
  • Work to ensure our martial arts training is accessible for all members of the community
  • Protect and develop the interests and well-being of all ours members both collectively and individually
  • To develop cooperative working relationships between all members
  • To provide leadership in the wider community.

Core Ideals:

  • Gallantry (courage, bravery, valour, chivalry)
  • Observation (recognising, perception, regard, supervision, attention to detail)
  • Loyalty (devotion, allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, homage, respect, honour)
  • Dexterity (versatility, ability, proficiency, orderly, pure, adaptability)
  • Sympathy (empathy, compassion, understanding, warmth, consideration, courtesy)
  • Explicitness (clarity, clearness, honesty, distinctness, individuality)
  • Perseverance (persistence, diligence, steadfastness, endurance, tenacity)
  • Tact (diplomacy, humility, refinement, poise, polish, grace, style, discretion)

Core Business

Golden Knights achieves its commitment and core values through action in three central areas: Learning and teaching, Personal Development and Community.

Learning and Teaching: As a martial arts organization we place learning and teaching at the centre of our work.

We do so through:

  • The delivery of a high quality teaching and learning program in all areas of the curriculum
  • The use of assessment practices that improve the quality of the learning process

Personal Development:

As a martial arts organization we further focus on the growth of each person. We do so through the aid of our culture and philosophy which assists members to:

  • Acquire the skills and abilities that will assist them to achieve their personal best in all areas of their lives.
  • Become community leaders and team players.
  • Cultivate their respect, care and consideration for other people. Develop their self-esteem, self-respect and confidence.


As a community based organization we are fundamentally committed to developing a higher sense of kinship. We do so through:

Always working to strengthen the social ties and bonds that unite the members of the organization and that which also links it to the community at large.

Recognising and respecting the contribution that all members make to the organization

The creation of an environment that enhances the quality of learning and promotes the safety and welfare of all members

Monitoring and Review

The Golden Knights is committed to gathering and examining an assortment of data and information that enables it to determine its effectiveness in achieving its core business. It does so in a systematic and regular process using the following means:

  • Through data collection and analysis of member achievements
  • Through consultation with the members with such mechanisms as meetings, surveys, questionnaires.
  • Through the Golden Knights management structures.