Adults Karate

We’ve learnt over the years that some adults can easily jump into Karate. So if that’s you, welcome, just give us a call at the Club nearest to you, and the Head Instructor will answer any questions you have and give you all the info on how to join.

Other adults though, while keen to give Karate a go, will use things like age, injury or low fitness as excuses not to start training. And if that’s you, here’s what we encourage you to do. Put all the excuses aside, take a deep breath, check out the Clubs page and give us a call. We’ll look after you.

Our Instructors were first-timers too at one stage, and they know what it’s like to feel a little out of place or awkward at first, no matter what the reason. But their many years of training will help ease you into Karate at a level you’re comfortable with and your fitness allows, and then it all builds upwards from there as you adapt to the rewards of what you achieve and become fitter and more confident.

No matter whether you’re keen or cautious at first, we’ll teach you a wide-range of fitness and self defence techniques, enabling you to be more aware and proficient with your self-defence, self-confidence, and your general well-being. And you’ll make friendships that for many of us, have lasted a lifetime. As Founding Master Gary MacRae often says: “Karate isn’t just about kicking and punching. It’s about the people as well, and it’s for everyone.”

Senior Students
Senior Students